Teaching & Learning

The All Saints Way

Providing an intellectual life that is engaging, formative and rewarding is part of our DNA at All Saints. In all our taught subjects, specialist teachers, in specialist classrooms, enable all our pupils to develop a culture of curiosity, learning and achievement.

At the core of our learning is our universal quest to know the cause of things, ourselves and the world in which we live in accordance with our gospel values.

Our pedagogy is also continually evolving alongside the latest educational research and uses proven methods for enabling our pupils to flourish academically as well as individuals within an aspirant and compassionate community.

In lessons, teachers deploy regular episodes of retrieval and recall, model scenarios and ways of working and guide pupils towards working confidently and independently. Our learning beyond the classroom increasingly encourages flipped learning and appropriate online platforms are used with all pupils encouraged, supported and duly rewarded for their effort to know truth and articulate their learning.