Common Good

At All Saints Catholic School, our mission extends beyond academic excellence, embodying the teachings of Christ through meaningful actions. Rooted in the belief that every act of kindness creates a ripple effect, we strive to instil social justice and empathy in our students, so that we send them out into the world as adults who can make a difference.

Our commitment to charitable works is a testament to our core values of Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour (RUAH). Guided by the motto "One in Christ," we weave the principles of love, kindness, and social responsibility into the fabric of our community. Students actively participate in diverse charitable endeavours throughout the year.

All Saints students put their faith into action by following a programme of Catholic Values which encourages each year group to focus on different charitable causes, Catholic Virtues and aspects of personal development. 

  Charity Virtue Sacrament Prayer Life Leadership Life Skill
Year 7 CAFOD Faith Baptism Song School Council Anti Bullying Ambassadors Presentation
Year 8 Mary's Meals Love & Charity Eucharist Song School Council Eco Ambassadors Persuasion
Year 9 Mizen Foundation Hope Announting of the Sick Song School Council Peer Mediators Debate
Year 10 Aid to the Church in Need Fortitude Confirmation Adoration School Council Anti Bullying Ambassadors Presentation
Year 11 Bakhita House Temperence Marriage Meditation School Council Mental Health Persuasion
Year 12 Oblates of the Assumption Prudence Holy Orders Adoration Academic Council Citizens UK Mental Health Debate
Year 13 Oblates of the Assumption Justice Penance & Reconciliation Meditation Academic Council Citizens UK Debate

Pupils are called upon throughout the year to raise money for charitible causes. The appeals feature heavily during our Advent and Lenten preparation. 

Year 10 Raised Money for Aid to the Church in Need on Red Wednesday through a charity Sweet Sale

The 6th form Rag Week included various fund raising events from all year groups and concluded with Carol Singing from the Staff Choir.

Every form group at All Saints donated and created Christmas hampers the for those in need in the local community. 

Form 12 Francis led the school campaign for Wrap up London. 141 coats were collected and donated to this worthy cause.