Pastoral Vision

We are all one in Christ, our mission and our responsibility is to recognise all individuals in our community as part of the body of Christ and to value them accordingly in our treatment of them, thriving and progressing in a spirit of togetherness. (1 Cor. 12-29)



All Saints School is aims to be an embodiment of the Church and Christian teachings in our community. We endeavour to create a culture where students can grow spiritually, academically and socially serving witness to their faith allowing them to achieve their God given potential.

Our school ethos is routed in the Gospel Values developing in students their love of learning; enhance their sense of justice; becoming stewards of gods creations and empower them with the skills and drive to be able to go forth into the world making an impact on society.

With a well-established educational philosophy based on the Principles of Social Justice, students develop both academically and spiritually.

As an institute of Catholic education central to the churches mission we strive to embody the ‘virtues’ of Christs teaching celebrate our diverse cultures, foster links with the local community, parents, parishes and industry preparing our students for the challenges of adult life.


All saints school pastoral care structure reinforces the gospel values in all aspects of school life through cultivating the following

  • An environment that is warm and welcoming
  • Mutual respect for all individuals
  • All members of the school community embody the Salesian ethos of RUAH (breath of life), together we ensure students take ownership of their behaviour in and around the school.
  • Gospel values are reinforced in assemblies each week enhancing community formation
  • Recognise the effort, personal development, academic achievements and pupil’s contribution to the school and community life
  • Inclusion of all individuals
  • High levels of rewards and positive praise

Sense of justice; becoming stewards of God’s creation

  • Student Leadership at all levels to develop a self-improving school system
  • Outreach into the school community through charitable work
  • House captains to drive house system
  • Eco warriors
  • House leaders
  • Student voice
  • Peer Mentors
  • Digital health champions
  • Inclusion
  • Mental health initiative
  • Anti-bullying initiatives