Code of Conduct

All Ascend - Exceptional, nothing less...

All Saints Students should have the following Academic Commitment

  • Give your very best to achieve academically.
  • To speak to a member of staff if you are experiencing any problems.
  • Take responsibility for your own learning both within and beyond the classroom.
  • Develop life priorities that enable you to achieve or exceed your targets.
  • Complete at least five hours of private study for each subject, each week, consisting of:
    • 5 hours of supervised study per subject in school and
    • Up to 3 hours of independent study for each subject each week
  • Meet all deadlines set by subject and pastoral staff.
  • To be organised and prepared for lessons as well as use all study time effectively in the Independent Learning Centre (ILC).
  • To attend all supervised study and ILC sessions and make full use of the support being offered to you by your teachers and the Sixth Form team.
  • To ensure that you are using your time effectively at home to complete outstanding work, flipped learning and additional wider reading.

Behaviour and Conduct

  • Embody the school values of RUAH.
  • Comply with reasonable requests and instructions from all members of staff who are implementing school policy.
  • Always act in a manner that protects the health & safety of both myself and others. 
  • Understand that all pupils have a right to learn, and therefore disruptive behaviour in lessons cannot be tolerated.
  • Be aware that to bring any substance (Alcohol, Drugs, Vapes etc) or implement which would be seen as an offensive weapon, and could cause harm to myself or others, onto the school premises, would result in a permanent exclusion.
  • Be aware that any form of bullying, including cyber bullying, or the harassment or attempted intimidation of any member of staff will not be tolerated at All Saints Catholic School
  • Be aware that rudeness of any kind, including the use of bad language, directed to any member of our community will not be tolerated.
  • Mobile phones and headphones should only be used in the ILC at break times and after school. These may be confiscated if seen anywhere else on site or not being used in an appropriate manner.
  • Be aware of both the spirit and the details of the school rules, and behave in a responsible way both in school and when travelling to and from school.


  • Attend school regularly and punctually.
  • Arrive at all my lessons punctually with the appropriate equipment for each subject.
  • Ensure your tutor is informed when you are absent for a good reason by parent email/ phone call.
  • If you need to leave school during the school day, you must sign out with Mrs Razaq or a member of the Sixth Form Team and must have a note from your Parents/Carers or an email must have already been sent to us, stating the reason for needing to leave school.
  • It is not appropriate to book activities that could be completed in out-of-school time e.g. driving lessons.

School Environment

  • Respect the school buildings and environment and actively work to enhance their quality by caring for the accommodation provided.
  • Be good stewards of the garden/seating area created for 6th Form.
  • Share responsibility for the school environment by looking after school property, books and materials, and help our school to remain free from litter and any damages reported.

Personal Social Responsibility

  • Show respect for the prayer life and religious worship of our School community.
  • To make a positive contribution to the All Saints Community.
  • Treat all members of the school, visitors to the school and members of the local community with respect.
  • Respect other people’s property, privacy and family life so as not to hurt or offend them by anything I say or do.