As a school community we are one when we reflect on celebrating success. In the spirit of respect, we value people. For Christians, respect comes from people's dignity as children of God. In All Saints School we value all pupils and have designed a Reward policy to recognise those who:

  • Uphold the School Ethos
  • Excel in their studies
  • Excel in their effort
  • Show great progress
  • Develop their skills (Literacy, Numeracy)
  • Show a love for others


Merit stickers are awarded in partnership with


Each merit has a unique numerical code which the receiving pupil then logs on their individual online account. Each Department has their own Merit as do non-teaching staff and Departments/School Areas e.g. Dinner Ladies and Duke of Edinburgh Club.


There are also merits for: Headteacher, SLT, Heads of Department and Heads of Year. Over the course of a term, these points enter each pupil into a Form, Year and Individual league table. At the end of each half term and term, our top achievers and merit loggers receive numerous awards and recognition. This takes the form of:

  • Headteacher certificate
  • Head of Year certificate
  • Prize Winning Lunch Parties
  • Queue jumps
  • Assembly testimony
  • The Annual Top 50 Year Group Trip to an Adventure Park e.g. Adventure Island, Southend


The merit system allows staff and leaders to:

  • Identify under-performing / over performing cohorts
  • Intervene if necessary for vulnerable cohorts with appropriate evaluations and measures
  • Pass on congratulations
  • Celebrate success
  • Make positive parental contact


The Merit system encompasses all year groups (KS3, 4, 5) and is under termly review in accord with pupil voice and whole school policies.