“We are all one in Christ, our mission and our responsibility is to recognize all individuals in our community as part of the body of Christ and to value them accordingly in our treatment of them, thriving and progressing in a spirit of togetherness”

(1 Cor. 12:29)


All students, Years 7-11 are expected to wear school uniform and sixth formers wear suits.

The Governors of All Saints expect parents to undertake to provide uniform for the student's entire school career.

The Governors, Head Teacher and staff of All Saints expect parents to support the school in the reasonable enforcement of the uniform regulations.

Parents can purchase the All Saints school uniform online, including the physical education kit. The website address for Premier Schoolwear is https://www.premierschoolwear.co.uk/

All pupils must wear a blazer with the All Saints School Badge on the breast pocket.

Essential Uniform


  1. Blazer (black) Blazer (black)
  2. Shirt (white) Blouse (white)
  3. Trousers (black) Pleated Skirt (mid-grey)
  4. School Sweater (mid-grey) with badge School Sweater (mid-grey) with badge
  5. School Tie School Tie
  6. Socks (mid-grey or black) Socks (knee length /white)
  7. Tights (black)
  8. Shoes (black) not boots Shoes (black - max 1" heel – no boots)
  9. Top coat Top coat

Coats should be Navy Blue or Black anorak style

All items of school uniform, P.E. kit and bags must be clearly marked with the name of the student

Please note

  • Hats/caps are not to be brought to school, neither are they to be worn to or from school. The school reserves the right to confiscate all unsuitable items.
  • All skirts must be purchased from the school uniform shop they must be at least knee length with no side splits.
  • Boys trousers must be purchased from the school uniform shop.
  • Trainers, trainer style shoes or boots are not acceptable as school shoes for either boys or girls.
  • Overcoats and overjackets must be navy or black, must not contain logos or be of a denim or leather material.
  • Sweater tops, or track suit tops (particularly with hoods) are not permitted or to be worn to or from school
  • Ties must be worn at the specified length.
  • Shirts must be tucked inside trousers and blouses inside skirts.
  • Girls are only allowed to wear black tights or knee-high white socks and are prohibited from wearing ankle socks over their tights.
  • Fashion shoes, including canvas shoes are not permitted on Health & Safety grounds.
  • Scarves worn in the winter only. Navy blue or black colours are the only permissible scarves
  • Hair must be neat and tidy with no colourful dyes. Girls are only permitted to have weaves put in their hair which match their natural hair colour.
  • No haircuts to have undercuts or patterns cut into hair or eyebrows
  • Nail extensions are not permitted on Health and Safety grounds.
  • Jewellery Single watch, one pair of small ear studs (gold or silver) no chains, bracelets or rings. Nose studs or other facial piercings are strictly prohibited.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.
  • Hair bands must be black and no wider than 2 inches

The following PE kit is compulsory

  • Royal Blue Emblem Polo Shirt
  • Royal Blue Shorts
  • Royal Blue PE Socks
  • Boys Rugby Shirt
  • Printed Sweatshirt (Mainly for Girls)
  • Gum Shields compulsory for Rugby lessons
  • Shin Pads are compulsory for all Football lessons