Tutoring Programme

  1. Make sure that you attend class. Let your Head or Year or Ms Gillin know if you cannot attend.

  2. Review your notes before your tutoring session. 

  3. Make a list of everything that you are struggling with so that your tutor can go over the important content.

  4. Take thorough notes during your tutoring session.

  5. Make sure you have a healthy snack and bottle of water for your after school sessions.

  6. Be honest with yourself and your tutor. Speak up and tell your tutor everything that you do not understand. 

  7. Provide your tutor with feedback on what teaching methods seem to be working the best and which ones are not as effective.

  8. Review your notes Studying should not end after your tutoring session.

  9. Be prepared for tutoring sessions that are supportive, intensive and challenging. This is what is needed to help you learn better.

  10. Have a positive attitude. Your mindset significantly impacts how the sessions will go. Staying positive affects your confidence and your ability to learn.