Research & Development

Active research in schools engages teachers in improving their own practice which drives school improvement and leads to greater outcomes for the whole school community. It is integral to what we do as professionals.

At All Saints, we aim to develop and embed a culture of informed, reflective and – ultimately – empowered practice across our network of schools.

 All Saints recognises the importance of being at the forefront of educational research. Research and Development is therefore one of the main activities of our school CPD vision. We are collaborating with the Chartered College of Teachers, The Teacher Development Trust and The Ambition Institute to bring all that is ‘cutting edge’ in R&D to our schools across the alliance.

 An essential part of our work is increasing our involvement in educational research and developing initiatives at a range of levels. Engagement with and engagement in research is a critical element of school improvement and individual CPD for teachers and teaching assistants by focussing directly on improved pupil outcomes. Being research literate is fundamental to creating capacity within schools to engage with research be it reading or carrying out evidence based practice.