House System

The school has benefitted from a fantastic house system. The houses give the students a sense of belonging and pride through participation in feast days, competitions, charity events, department house challenges and much more! Each house is under the patronage of a Saint and the students are encouraged to learn about the life of the Saint.

Each student has a badge identifying their House group.  The badges are presented to the incoming Year 7 by their Head of House and belonging to this vertical House group nurtures a sense of belonging and identity.  At House assemblies the virtues of the House Saint are promoted and all members of the House are encouraged to emulate the virtues of their patronal Saint.

House Saint Feast Days

House Saint

House Saint Message

Feast Day

Head of House

House Colours


Through hard work, we can change anything.

Thursday 30th September 2021




Humble acts of compassion change the world.


Thursday 26th September 2021

 U. Mullarkey


Light Blue



We are all one community; we must care for one another.

Thursday 27th January 2022

N. Pauro




Use respect, understanding, affection and humour in all things.


Thursday 14th October 2021

S. Eason

Navy Blue


Be bold and you can achieve great things.


Thursday 3rd March 2022

S. Bonnar



From humble beginnings come mighty acts.


Wednesday 2nd March 2022

M. Owen




Champion the truth and keep the faith.


Thursday 28th April 2022

 A. Whiley



Be ready to lead with virtue.


Thursday 18th November 2021

S. Lucraft


St. Joseph

Patron of the Society of Saint Joseph

Saturday 19th March 2022

R. Gabrasadig


Red Ties

We encourage student leadership and members of the Sixth Form are invited to apply for positions of House Captain in the course of Year 12.  Once they assume responsibility, and following leadership training, they play a role in supervision by having a lunchtime duty.  They play a leading role in House assemblies and celebrations and lead fund raising activities for the dedicated House Charity.  All these experiences are founded in a spirit of servant leadership consistent with our school mission.    Students are proud to refer to these experiences as they make their applications to Higher Education, Apprenticeships and the world of work.

School competitions take place across House groups.  This includes:

  • A range of sporting activities  

  • Spelling Bee

  • Maths Challenge

  • Cooking

  • Debating