Mr K. Imrith (Lead Assistant Headteacher for STEM/Head of Maths)

Mr G. Elder (Assistant Headteacher)

Mr R. Pandya (Year 7/KS2 Transition coordinator)

Mr J. McLeod (Year 8/Numeracy coordinator)

Mr R. Spinks (KS4 coordinator)

Mr M. Hinds (KS5 coordinator)

Mr D. Edwards (Vulnerable cohort intervention)

Miss M. Desmond (HOY 7)

Miss S. Head


Lessons in Mathematics are varied and include time for pupils to think about and discuss challenging problems, to develop their mental agility and speed, and to practise constructing mathematically correct and rigorous arguments. The Maths department teaches the full range of ability for pupils aged 11 to 18. It follows the National Curriculum for Mathematics and students sit the EdExcel GCSE and A Level exams. The Maths department has introduced a 2 year KS3 to enable students more time to be spent on their GCSE Mathematics course. This has enabled us to review and rewrite our KS3 and KS4 schemes of work. The department is strongly in favour of grouping pupils predominantly according to their attainment and ability, and students study at a level relevant to them within the structures of the school’s timetable. All students are assessed at the end of each half term. The department offers Maths and Further Maths at A-level with an entry requirement of an A grade at GCSE in Mathematics. Further information for the EdExcel GCSE and A-level specification can be found below:

GCSE Specification:

A Level Specification:

The Mathematics department provides pupils with an extensive range of academic support and enrichment. Students can either simply drop in our weekly Maths Clinic (starting term 2.1) or come along following a teacher’s referral. After school classes are available to help students perform to the best of their ability. Pupils in every year group take part in the UK Maths Challenge.